Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What's Good at Tiffany & Co.: Statement Jewelry

No one does statement jewelry like Tiffanys. Their handcrafted pieces of art are like no other. I won't say much because these pieces speak for themselves.


Tanzanite Peacock Bracelet in Platinum with Tourmalines and Diamonds
Peacock feathers have always been a source from which designers and artist draw from and this artist has redone it beautifully.

Cobblestone Yellow Diamond Bracelet in Platinum and Gold with White Diamonds
Warning: Sticker shock may ensue! But it's worth it to see this absolutely gorgeous bracelet.

Aquamarine Bangle in Platinum with Diamonds
This bangle is a serious statement piece.

Jean Schlumberger Bracelet in 18k Gold with Enamel and Diamonds
This bracelet also comes in a light blue which is very pretty but I liked the black and gold contrast.


Emerald Scroll Earrings with Diamonds in Platinum
These earrings definitely need to go with a statement dress (try black).

Jean Schlumberger Five Leaves Spessartite Earrings with Diamonds in Platinum
Reminiscent of fall leaves these earrings add a pop of color to any outfit.


Roes-Cut Diamond Pendant in Platinum with Round Brilliant Diamonds
This piece is elegant in every way from the pattern to only diamonds being used.

Pink Spinal Drop Necklace in Platinum with Diamonds
This is a close up look at the focal point of the necklace and the gorgeous pink spinals being used. This would be fun for a party ( a fancy one of course).


Diamond Flower Ring in Platinum with Pavé  Diamonds
With this ring the only other accessory you need is a small stud in your ear.

Rectangular Modified Brilliant Pink Diamond Ring in Platinum
Brings a sense of art deco to your ensemble.

Garland Lucida Diamond Ring in Platinum with Round Diamonds
This ring would also make a great engagement ring.

Rectangular Modified Brilliant Purple-Pink Diamond Ring in Platinum
I saved this piece for last because it is my absolute favorite. It's also perfect for you ladies that can't decide which is your favorite (purple or pink?) because this ring has both!

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