Monday, July 23, 2012

Forever 21

Forever 21 has a lot of things that are really not worth buying. You should never buy wardrobe staples from here it is a fast fashion store that is purely for trend items. I try to choose the products that look like they are more well made and that usually translates into them being the more expensive items. As you can see I didn't find very many things that I liked but the ones that I did choose I think are really cute and can translate into fall with the right combination of clothing and accessories.

High-Low Safari Print Dress w/ Belt
I really like the high-low trend it makes skirts and dresses a lot more dynamic in silhouette. I would probably take the belt off and put a different one on like a thin, leather, braided belt to make the dress look a little more upscale.

Sheer Button Up
Shirts like these are great with shorts for summer or with jeans for fall and the blush color is versatile as well.

Classic Striped Sweater
We all know that I can't pass up on a nautical stripe.

Leopard Boyfriend Cardigan
I like the way that they have this cardigan styled, it looks very expensive.

Striped Rugby Sweater
This sweater would look great with dark skinny jeans and some leather riding boots.

Zippered Pointed Hem Jacket
A modern twist on a classic blazer.

Double Buckle Belt
This belt would be perfect to cinch in a waist on a dress or tunic.

Wool Feathered Fedora
Perfect hat for fall.

Rhinestoned Pyramid Studs
Simple studs go perfectly with everything.

Curb Chain Bangles
We all also know that I love chains.

Squirrel Themed Birthday Card
I thought that this card was so cute!

Confetti Crush Nail Polish
Their nail polishes are surprisingly pretty good quality.

Crystal Pink Nail Polish
It's like rose gold confetti. You could layer this polish over any color from white to navy.

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