Monday, August 13, 2012

Dior 'Addict' Ultra Gloss

I was wandering through Nordstrom today and I walked over to the Dior counter. I have never tried any of their products before but it's Dior so it has to be amazing. I stuck my fingers in some of the eyeshadows and they were all great especially the gold in the safari five eyeshadow palette. But the product that I actually tried on was the Dior 'Addict' Ultra Gloss in Black-Tie Plum 982. It's this absolutely gorgeous juicy dark berry color and it's very smooth and long lasting. So overall I really like this lip gloss and will probably be buying it in the future.

Dior 'Addict' Ultra Gloss
Dior 'Addict' Ultra Gloss
Black-Tie Plum 982

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