Monday, September 10, 2012

J. Crew Kids "Crewcuts" Girls, Boys and Baby

There were so many cute clothes that I had a hard time choosing between all of them! This is exactly how I would dress my kids if I had them. There were things in cashmere for kids and baby but I thought that it was a little much so I didn't include them.

Girls' long-sleeve necklace tee in stripe
Girls' Long-Sleeve Necklace Tee in Stripe

Girls' long-sleeve paillette polka-dot tee
Girls' Long-Sleeve Paillette Polka-Dot Tee

Girls' long-sleeve Eiffel Tower tee
Girls' Long-Sleeve Eiffel Tower Tee

Girls' long-sleeve sequin-heart pocket tee in thin stripe
Girls' Long-Sleeve Sequin Heart Pocket Tee in Thin Stripe

Girls' long-sleeve tiny pleats tee in dots
Girls' Long-Sleeve Tiny Pleats Tee in Dots

Girls' neon zip ruffle cardigan
Girls' Neon Zip Ruffle Cardigan

Girls' maritime dress in wide stripe
Girls' Maritime Dress in Wide Stripe

Girls' pocket jumper
Girls' Pocket Jumper

Girls' Rosalie twisted dress
Girls' Rosalie Twisted Dress

Girls' tippy-toe tulle skirt
Girls' Tippy-Toe Tulle Skirt

Girls' everyday leggings in polka dot
Girls' Everyday Leggings in Polka Dot

Girls' everyday leggings in big dipper
Girls' Everyday Leggings in Big Dipper

Girls' everyday leggings in spotted
Girls' Everyday Leggings in Spotted

Girls' wafer terry sweatpant
Girls' Wafer Terry Sweatpant

Girls' long-sleeve sequin trompe l'oeil tee
Girls' Long-Sleeve Sequin Trompe L'Oeil Tee

Girls' Liberty shirtdress in Leo Scarlet
Girls' Liberty Shirtdress in Leo Scarlet

Girls' pocket tunic in leopard print
Girls' Pocket Tunic in Leopard Print

Girls' colorblock cable tunic
Girls' Colorblock Cable Tunic

Girls' on-the-button dress in purple poppies
Girls' On-The-Button Dress in Purple Poppies

Girls' striped cotton sparkle dress
Girls' Striped Cotton Sparkle Dress

Girls' retro bow dress
Girls' Retro Bow Dress

Girls' taffeta Lyla dress
Girls' Taffeta Lyla Dress

Girls' everyday leggings in leopard
Girls' Everyday Leggings in Leopard

Girls' gold-button Caroline cardigan in stripe
Girls' Gold-Button Caroline Cardigan in Stripe

Girls' blooming paillette cardigan
Girls' Blooming Paillette Cardigan

Girls' mega-dot sweater
Girls' Mega-Dot Sweater

Girls' Caroline cardigan in snowcat
Girls' Caroline Cardigan in Snowcat

Girls' sweater-jacket in stripe
Girls' Sweater-Jacket in Stripe

Girls' jeweled daisy sweater
Girls' Jeweled Daisy Sweater

Girls' iridescent bubble cardigan
Girls' Iridescent Bubble Cardigan

Girls' marled cotton sweater-jacket
Girls' Marled Cotton Sweater Jacket

Girls' toothpick jean in garment-dyed twill Girls' toothpick jean in garment-dyed twillGirls' toothpick jean in garment-dyed twill

Girls' toothpick jean in garment-dyed twill Girls' toothpick jean in garment-dyed twill
Girls' Toothpick Jean in Garment-Dyed Twill

Girls' wide-leg denim trouser
Girls' Wide-Leg Denim Trouser

Girls' café capri in snowcat
Girls' Cafe Capri in Snowcat

Girls' wildcat chino
Girls' Wildcat Chino

Girls' taffeta flower skirt
Girls' Taffeta Flower Skirt

Girls' chambray cupcake skirt
Girls' Chambray Cupcake Skirt

Girls' moon-dot twill skirt
Girls' Moon-Dot Twill Skirt

Girls' pleated flannel short
Girls' Pleated Flannel Short

Girls' pocket tunic in vintage floral print
Girls' Pocket Tunic in Vintage Floral Print

Girls' button-back shirt in gingham
Girls' Button-Back Shirt in Gingham

Girls' wildcat coat with Thinsulate®
Girls' Wildcat Coat with Thinsulate

Girls' long powder puffer
Girls' Long Powder Puffer

Girls' fiona faux fur vest
Girls' Fiona Faux Fur Vest

Girls' Minnetonka® Tramper boots
Girls' Minnetonka Tramper Boots

Girls' Aigle® riding boots
Girls' Aigle Riding Boots

Kids' Barbour® Wellington boots
Kids' Barbour Wellington Boots

Girls' classic glitter ballet flats
Girls' Classic Glitter Ballet Flats

Girls' dot oxfords
Girls' Dot Oxfords

Girls' Milano gladiator sandals
Girls' Milano Gladiator Sandals

Girls' double-flower headband
Girls' Double-Flower Headband

Girls' leopard-print headband
Girls' Leopard-Print Headband

Girls' organza flower headband
Girls' Organza Flower Headband

Girls' glitter braid bracelet
Girls' Glitter Braid Bracelet

Girls' diamond bangle three-pack
Girls' Diamond Bangle Three-Pack

Girls' mixed bead bracelet
Girls' Mixed Bead Bracelet

Girls' mini Edie glitter bag
Girls' Mini Edie Glitter Bag

Girls' fur tote
Girls' Fur Tote

Girls' wandering star canvas backpack
Girls' Wandering Star Canvas Backpack

Girls' superskinny glitter belt
Girls' Superskinny Glitter Belt

Girls' moon-dot knee-highs
Girls' Moon-Dot Knee-Highs

Girls' metallic star tights
Girls' Metallic Star Tights

Girls' printed scarf
Girls' Printed Scarf

Girls' leopard hat
Girls' Leopard Hat

Girls' leopard mittens
Girls' Leopard Mittens

Girls' FACE Stockholm® nail polish
Girls' FACE Stockholm Nail Polish

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

Girls' bow-shoulder tank
Girls' Bow-Shoulder Tank

Boys' Homespun Knitwear charcoal henley
Boys' Homespun Knitwear Charcoal Henley

Boys' jersey pocket tee
Boys' Jersey Pocket Tee
$14.50 (2 for $22)

Boys' sueded half-zip popover
Boys' Sueded Half-Zip Popover

Boys' Secret Wash shirt in gingham
Boys' Secret Wash Shirt in Gingham

Boys' oxford shirt in cobalt plaid
Boys' Oxford Shirt in Cobalt Plaid

Boys' shawl-collar sweater
Boys' Shawl-Collar Sweater

Boys' sun-faded chino
Boy's Sun-Faded Chino

Boys' straight-fit jean in rugged wash
Boys' Straight-Fit Jean in Rugged Wash

Boys' slim Bowery pant in flannel
Boys' Slim Bowery Pant in Flannel

Boys' lightweight club short
Boys' Lightweight Club Short

Boys' two-button schoolboy blazer
Boys' Two-Button Schoolboy Blazer

Kids' Barn Jacket™
Kids' Barn Jacket

Boys' expedition parka
Boys' Expedition Parka

 Boys' city peacoat with Thinsulate®
Boys' City Peacoat with Thinsulate

Boys' board short in nautical stripe
Boys' Board Short in Nautical Stripe

Kids' suede MacAlister boots
Kids' Suede MacAlistar Boots

Kids' Sperry Top-Sider® Authentic Original broken-in boat shoes
Kids' Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original Broken-In Boat Shoes

Boys' stripe silk bow tie
Boys' Stripe Silk Bow Tie

Old Soles™ baby shoes
Old Soles Baby Shoes

Rikshaw Design™ burp cloth and bib set
Rikshaw Design Burp Cloth and Bib Set

Rikshaw Design™ baby sun hat
Rikshaw Design Baby Sun Hat

Rikshaw Design™ baby bloomersRikshaw Design™ baby bloomers
Rikshaw Design Baby Bloomers

Rikshaw Design™ baby kurtaRikshaw Design™ baby kurta
Rikshaw Design Baby Kurta

Makié one-pieceMakié one-piece
Makie One-Piece

Oeuf® Lucien stripe baby jumper
Oeuf Lucien Stripe Baby Jumper

TANE™ snuggle bunny
Tane Snuggle Bunny

TANE™ baby booties
Tane Baby Booties

Nature Baby® bibs
Nature Baby Bibs

Nature Baby® for J.Crew booties
Nature Baby for J. Crew

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